Shaun, 26, UK.

God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called!

Unashamedly in love with my Lord and Saviour.
Living life by loving others.

In a committed and wonderful long distance relationship with an inspiring California woman where our love of God and each other spans the 5,000 miles between us. :)

Passions and things that make this man include:
ministering to the young hearts of the world,
watching films,
submerging myself in the wonder of music both through listening and composition,
acting and theatre,
space and astronomy,
writing in many forms,
and exploring the beauty of the world around us.

If by this point you think we're on the verge of becoming new friends, feel free to inform me of this rather wonderful realisation...

Ask anything or drop in a prayer request too! I'd love to pray with/for you!
Be blessed. :D
September 20th
6:32 PM GMT

Happy birthday to my blog!

3 years old today and still seeking to bless anyone I can! A huge thank you to those who continue to humble me with their friendship, also.

Love, cake, party poppers,
silly hats, and Oxford commas to all.

Rhyme intended.

July 27th
1:31 PM GMT

To those who have confined themselves to silence,
whose dwellings have become a palpable niche of noiseless observation,
to those whose bonds to my own world seem frayed,
by choice or consequence.

You are missed.

March 29th
8:51 AM GMT

The struggle between wanting to talk to the people on here and not wanting to waste away my entire day on the unending dashboard of death that is Tumblr is reaaaaaaal.

March 23rd
5:14 PM GMT


I extend warmest greetings to all of you, faces both familiar and fresh this afternoon!

Having just finished a run of shows and involved in many things both in and outside of work, I never seem to get the time on here that I used to, but perhaps this is a good thing; procrastination, though joked about frequently can be a huge blockade from productivity for me and I have always been one to write when I feel compelled as opposed to running a (re)blog - something which many haven’t the patience for but something I will never alter!

So if you’re familiar, know that I miss you and always welcome your prayers requests and catch-up messages, and if you’re new to these parts?

Well, Hello. I’m an odd one, but I am SO thankful you are here new friend, and would love to hear from you whether it’s telling me a joke, sharing a prayer need or just to say “Hi! Be warned; all I post is Dr. Who fandom stuff”. I’m not a Whovian. But it’s all good!

Most importantly of ALL - God loves you dearly, and regardless of how you see yourself today, I have every confidence He is perfectly justified in that outlook.

Praying you all are blessed and know joy,



March 10th
5:26 PM GMT

When the line portraying ‘Activity' looks like a mountain range.

*me gusta*

December 31st
9:24 PM GMT

2013 has been an eventful year for me, and yet I have been less of the regular-posting, major post-pushing, encouragement socialite machine presence on here I had previously built up (and some might say thankfully).

It’s had challenges, and moments of release. God has torn me down and built me up in new and different ways. Doors have opened, doors have slammed shut in my face and left splinters in my nose; people I never imagined have left, others have made a new home for themselves in the warmth and welcoming recesses of my heart, laying their bedding where previous tenants once rested their weary thoughts and burdened bodies.

So here’s to 2014 - an infinitely scarier year, with a level of unpredictability I have experienced before but never grown accustomed to. I hope to be a more present poster on the dashboards of those of you who subscribe to my rambling, but life sometimes gets in the way of that. I can only promise to keep trying.

I pray for blessings and peace to abound in each of your hearts, whether you know God or couldn’t care less about the very notion of Him - may 2014 bring you everything you need to grow and continue being lovely people, even if those things aren’t always things you want.

Your brother in Christ,



October 23rd
11:17 PM GMT

Here you go - the latest Q&A video for anybody bored/interested enough to watch!

Feel free to submit more questions if you’d like another video, I enjoy answering them and giving little insights into my life for those of you who care or wish to get to know me a little better! Thanks again to 116boy and soyfo for their submissions!

Blessings and peace to you all,



September 26th
2:11 PM GMT

I know it’s become cliché to say this without sounding insincere, but -

Believe me when I say that, hand on heart, I really do feel grateful and blessed to have people on here that give my thoughts and ramblings a moment’s notice.

I mean, for the number of you that are subscribed to me (I dislike the term ‘followers’), I have never heard from more than maybe 30 or 40 of you, but I am still so grateful that you’re all here. You could be doing far more important things, like writing a novel, crime-fighting with your underpants outside your jeans or developing a sustainable and regenerating source of energy for the entire planet…but you still spare time to see what my little world is up to.

It beggars belief but leaves me feeling a very humble and warm chap indeed, so please; if there is anything I can do for you, be it prayer or otherwise, let me know. I’ll swim the Atlantic just to give you a piggyback to your favourite ice cream parlour if you so desire (I presume I get one too, right?)


September 16th
7:22 AM GMT

Just taking a moment to thank those of you who have been around since the start of this Tumblr madness and who continue to bless me with your friendship, even though my blog is exceptionally monotonous and unremarkable to behold.

Long may your benevolence go before you.


September 3rd
9:42 PM GMT

Social Catwork.

Tumblr, thou art like a cat.

Loving one moment,

fickle the next,

longing to embrace my company one evening,

nowhere to be found for weeks the following morning.

July 25th
5:01 PM GMT

I fear the use and attraction of Tumblr has come to an end for me.

I rarely find myself posting anything on here, and there’s not much original content on the Dash that really captures my attention anymore (you may know I’m not a fan of reblogged picture spam). Not that this is a reflection of the people themselves…

I have some made fantastic friends on here; you all know who you are because we talk outside of Tumblr and share connections and exchanges beyond a like here and a fan mail there. While I may not have much interest in what some of you post, I value you as friends, and those are the people whom my leaving will not affect. The only ones who will even notice I’m gone, ironically, might be the ones whose little knowledge of my existence lies in what they know of me from my blog.

I have even felt a massive shift in the demographic of people following my blog, and though I have nothing against any age group, not having many people to speak with and befriend who are my own age has played a big part in this change of heart. People who are 14, 15 or even 19 talk to me and say hi out of politeness, but once they discover the fact that I am 25 it almost makes me some sort of untouchable, whom they must stay away from…which is never a pleasant feeling. I physically notice them withdraw from conversation and lurk in the background, showing feedback on my posts but never engaging with the man behind them.

I might rant a little more later once I have clarity of thought. Who knows.

There you are. Watch this space.

April 30th
5:02 PM GMT
Tumblin’ on the big screen in HD and 5.1 through the Xbox.
Go hard or go home.

Tumblin’ on the big screen in HD and 5.1 through the Xbox.

Go hard or go home.

April 1st
11:19 AM GMT

Can I just be honest?

I know I have mentioned before that some people post things that are hurtful or surprisingly insensitive…well I am sorry but I am just seeing too much of it from people I never thought I would.

But those people need not worry, I’m not going to try and show you the error of your ways; I’m just going to go ahead and delete my blog.

It’s been fun, Tumblr, it really has!

March 17th
10:33 PM GMT

Well lookeee here -

It’s almost my 3,000th post.

How shall I celebrate such a landmark?


February 15th
7:58 AM GMT

Another sunrise, another morning where it’s up to me, the Aussies and a handful of sleep-eluded Statesiders to keep my Dash alive until midday.

Let’s go, team.