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God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called!

Unashamedly in love with my Lord and Saviour.
Living life by loving others.

In a committed and wonderful long distance relationship with an inspiring California woman where our love of God and each other spans the 5,000 miles between us. :)

Passions and things that make this man include:
ministering to the young hearts of the world,
watching films,
submerging myself in the wonder of music both through listening and composition,
acting and theatre,
space and astronomy,
writing in many forms,
and exploring the beauty of the world around us.

If by this point you think we're on the verge of becoming new friends, feel free to inform me of this rather wonderful realisation...

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Be blessed. :D
March 17th
2:24 PM GMT
I am, and always will be such a long way from perfection.
But I am still under construction - there is hope for me yet.

And my God doesn’t do things in half-measures.

I am, and always will be such a long way from perfection.
But I am still under construction - there is hope for me yet.

And my God doesn’t do things in half-measures.

October 18th
11:52 PM GMT

A rather burning request for prayer.

Okay, so how to be as succinct as possible without skipping necessary information.

My Godfather Russel has been battling arthritis for 25 years now, having had replacement surgery for artificial hips and other parts of his pelvic region. Such was the severity of his condition that it has long since left him with a crooked walk, reduced strength in his legs and the need for regular hospital appointments and medical aid. The recent months have also seen him battle an onset of cancer to which, when met with chemotherapy, he has been responding well…

Until today.
Today it was revealed that a sudden onslaught has increased the number of spots on his liver almost ten-fold, and so it was announced to him that he can expect to live for another 3 to 6 months.

The extremely aggressive last-ditch chemo attempt they are planning will, in all likelihood, have no effect, my father told me earlier as he broke the news.

There are further ramifications. You see, my Godfather also happens to be my parents employer, and it is quite probable that his passing will result in their unemployment. This however, is quite rightly the last thing my folks and I care about at this moment. What breaks our hearts more is a good question - is it the wife and 2 children, 16 and 18, that he will leave behind? That this Christmas could well be his last? Or is it that his parents, who are in ill health themselves will, at this rate, outlive their son? All of these are awful to even begin to contemplate.

News like this often leaves you suspended between not believing that it’s true and not wanting to believe it’s true. I have now had my time of tears over the matter, I accept that it’s very much a reality and now I find myself desperate to pursue the Lord with petition and prayer more than I ever have for anything.

So, I ask you to pray for peace over his family, friends and work associates. Over my family and I. For an abundant release of joy, strength and love to be brought into his unbelieving heart at a time when so many withdraw, distract and self-destruct. Pray for the God of all things to reveal Himself mightily through this trial. Pray for my father who, by his own admission, is now being led to question the extent of his own faith.

I am dwelling in a house of severe unrest and need, friends.

But here’s the thing; the one focus for your prayers that I urge you to cling to, even if you forget everything else I have said up to now…pray for this -

That God would loose the supernatural healing and revival over this broken life that I know not only is He perfectly capable of, but that I fully believe He will. That He will completely restore Russ so that next time he visits the hospital they cannot find a single trace of anything cancerous inside of him. Just imagine the rejoicing that will bring. No way am I laying this to rest and praying for a cosy exit when I can be on my hands and knees, every spare moment of my day if necessary, upholding this precious life before the God who has saved my life, as well as those of countless others in times of peril.

The same power that conquered the grave lives in you and I through our faith in Christ and the sheer, radiant grace of the Lord - ALL things are possible.

Let’s bring my Godfather before God THE Father.


October 16th
8:08 AM GMT

Watercolour Walk.

This was a writing challenge presented to me by my lovely friend Larabelle. She asked for a story about "a lost little girl, fear and betrayal and brokenness, self-discovery and healing”…I don’t think I did too bad a job, but she wanted the outcome putting on here.

Any more challenges of this sort are more than welcome, just inbox me. :)

Watercolour Walk

Rarely do you buy an expensive portrait and then watch it char and dissipate in front of your eyes, littering ash upon foot-worn wooden flooring, before vanishing without a trace of remain in a gentle July breeze.


That’s not how perfect pictures perish.

Not like that.

They go with grace.


Yet for Stephanie, it had come to pass; a vision of bliss, a household once filled with laughter and warmth, reduced to embers and smoke as a result of an adults foolish decisions and careless words. The consequences of said actions were now all too clear to see, though every best effort was made to keep them hidden at first – A shameful skeleton in a closet the two of them had tried to destroy.


But sheltered they did not remain – Stephanie might have been young, but stupid and blind she was not. Left to piece together the who’s, what’s, when’s and the where’s, she found herself more immediately concerned with why; why they had felt the need to seek satisfaction elsewhere, why she hadn’t been told, why the two of them weren’t trying to fix things…she was powerless to observe as her home crumbled, the debris left for her to wade through, but nobody bothering to clean up.

They were so caught up with their own bitterness; their now-unearthed sadness, their malice and their overly-complicated ways. Too caught up to even notice the day that Stephanie left. A bag packed, appearing far more prepared than in actuality, her astute stature belied what little was contained in the backpack she clung to under the gaze of the Saturday morning sun. She had even left via the front gate; not secretive in her exit, a 12-year old girl wanting, praying, that somebody would stop her and ask the inevitable trail of questions that would result in her spilling the entire fiasco amid a cascade of many a years worth of unspent tears.


Nobody stopped her.

Nobody asked.


For 5 years she had survived, making her own way, teaching herself the things that her parents had neglected to. Benevolent strangers and sincere hospitality from fellow humans were her lifeline. Choosing out of spite to beat a hasty retreat from all who inquired about the whereabouts of her family, she spoke only to those who found themselves occupying the same tunnels and alleyways as she; and when they asked questions, she gave her answers, and they understood. She made friends and developed guardians in a place most consider inhospitable, a new family whose own misfortune and status brought about an empathy and recognition lost on those who looked down from their high-rise offices and second-storey suburban home windows. How they were oblivious to the privileges surrounding them.

Stephanie did not begrudge those people, nor had she ever. This path had been her choice, and she did not regret it; wherever they were now, the ones who had housed her those first dozen years of her life had not seen fit to seek after her. There was no denying that it certainly wasn’t the scenario that had played over and over in her beautiful mind on those infant nights those many moons ago; the passing of time had sped from the glacial pace of seemingly endless summers to a gallop as weeks blurred to seasons in the blink of her emerald eyes - but she was content. She was alive, and Stephanie was also blissfully unaware that a few days from now, while scavenging for food, she would happen upon a kind lady who would stand out from others she had met; unlike any other. A lady whose merciful nature and uplifting conversation would eventually lead Stephanie into her welcoming home, where this hurting adolescent heart would start down a path filled with promise, hope, and a warmth that had seemingly so long been absent from her world.


But now, as she curled up to get some sleep, arms wrapped tightly around a stained coat found in a skip, her bedding dripping wet from recent rainfall, Stephanie stared up at the sky, and wondered what lie ahead; was the image of her life a partially-burned self-portrait?


No. As she would soon discover, it was simply a case of finding the right painting to fit the frame.

September 20th
6:19 PM GMT

'The Lord has promised good to me, His Word my hope secures.'

Two lines we have most likely all sung at some point, but how much of it have we paid real attention to?

Read it again.

He’s promised good.


God keeps His promises. All of them. Unlike us.

So if the Lord says He’s bringing good into our lives, you can bet your behind that it’s permanently etched into His plan for your life. Whether you allow that good to come through uninterrupted or you get sidetracked by your own agendas and block off the input of the Spirit is another matter entirely.

Are your hopes secure today?

That job you’re interviewing for next Friday…the ill family member with a long-standing condition or the friend who has fallen away from Christ…are the hopes of your heart for that outcome rooted in God and underpinned with prayer?


Then out of love and compassion I say that perhaps you’re not as much in the Word as you ought to be, friend.

Let God speak to you between the covers of that good book and you’ll soon see that change.

And if you are reading the Word but still suffer anxiety?

Quit yer worrying,

the Lord has it all under control, chaps.


August 24th
7:22 AM GMT

Just a reminder;

That a ‘No’ from God is not a bad thing whatsoever.

Far from it in fact; it’s an opportunity to see what other, more wonderful things the Lord has in store.

Keep your head up, my friend. :)

November 22nd
5:44 PM GMT
"‘I saw the Lord always before me.
Because He is at my right hand,
I will not be shaken.
Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices;
my body also will rest in hope,
because You will not abandon me to the realm of the dead,
You will not let Your holy one see decay.
You have made known to me the paths of life;
You will fill me with joy in Your presence.’"
—  Acts 2:25-28 (NIV)
November 20th
8:02 AM GMT

Just Remember -

what you are going through is a season;

seasons change.

hang in there, kiddo. :)

October 10th
10:08 PM GMT
11:17 AM GMT

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but wise are the one’s who admit it’s actually themselves who need to change first.
Something to ponder.


Everyone thinks of changing the world, but wise are the one’s who admit it’s actually themselves who need to change first.

Something to ponder.

October 8th
6:37 PM GMT

I understand perfectly…

you go for it, girl. :)

October 5th
5:42 PM GMT

Her Faith Will See Her Through: No excuse!


Today has been one of those days that just feel like there never going to end! 4am start and a proper full on day! At last I’ve stopped for a cup of beautiful Tea and some food before I go to Confidence in Creation Course this evening. Even though it’s been a busy day I still try to read my Bible,…

5:40 PM GMT