Shaun, 26, UK.

God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called!

Unashamedly in love with my Lord and Saviour.
Living life by loving others.

In a committed and wonderful long distance relationship with an inspiring California woman where our love of God and each other spans the 5,000 miles between us. :)

Passions and things that make this man include:
ministering to the young hearts of the world,
watching films,
submerging myself in the wonder of music both through listening and composition,
acting and theatre,
space and astronomy,
writing in many forms,
and exploring the beauty of the world around us.

If by this point you think we're on the verge of becoming new friends, feel free to inform me of this rather wonderful realisation...

Ask anything or drop in a prayer request too! I'd love to pray with/for you!
Be blessed. :D
October 31st
11:48 PM GMT
Putting off sleep because writing and music and feels and wondering how much more spilled ink people can take before they hit unfollow.

Putting off sleep because writing and music and feels and wondering how much more spilled ink people can take before they hit unfollow.

October 26th
11:15 PM GMT

Our clocks go back an hour tonight…Normally that would mean you all get an extra hour of me loitering on here, but I will most likely spend it under the duvet with music that soothes me and forces the confusion and over-thinking to be shunned into the under-exposed background for just a little while.

And yes, by ‘soothes’ I mean tunes so jarring and forceful in their sonic power that my teeth rattle to the root. And by gumbo, you’d better believe it will be wondrous.

September 14th
5:59 PM GMT

Do you ever sit and wait for benevolence to bring you an ear willing to listen for hours and a mind willing to spend up to and beyond eternity trying to comprehend the jumble that your teeth and tongue are keeping prisoner but your lips are itching to set free.

April 24th
1:33 AM GMT

Well I’m going to scoot to bed and take my disjointed and myriad thoughts with me.

I know you’re sick of hearing but; any questions, send them through by the time I wake up (in roughly 7 hours) and I’ll include them in my Q&A video tomorrow!

Sleep tight, and dream bigger than the failures that haunt you.

April 11th
8:39 AM GMT

People I can be completely truthful around without fear of it being awkward are people I cherish.

April 4th
4:14 PM GMT

When somebody brings a prophetic word, they are outpouring God’s own words from their mouth.

It’s a lot like a computer; the text and words placed before your eyes that explain things on Wikipedia or reveal your best friend’s secret hurting can be traced back to a simple series of 0's and 1's.

So the expression 'Shaun loves you all' translates to binary as -


When we speak prophetically via God’s imparting of wisdom, whether it’s over a specific situation or an entire future, it can be traced back to look something like this -


Pretty neat, huh.

December 15th
12:55 PM GMT

Hello strangers!

As my activity on here decreases (along, rather predictably, with my followers), I am finding that I am no longer tied to this community with the same dependency I once was…

What does this mean? Well, perhaps I may not need to virtually burn this crevice of my life and all its words after all.

The point of my decision to delete my blog was based on a realisation that I was becoming overly-fixated with Tumblr and the friendship of those within this somewhat close-knit network.

In recent weeks, my postings have become more sparse, and not through conscious effort; simply because the other facets of my life have prevented hours of trawling through all the content you all share.

Chances are most of you have stopped reading by now, and the ones who haven’t are the comparative handful of my subscribers who take time to talk with me regularly.

I know, I know - it sounds like I am flaking out after so much stern talk of erasing myself from the face of Tumblr…vowing it was going to happen.

Thing is, the issue that willed me to make such a decision is bringing itself to order and becoming less and less of a problem…

It will mean less posts and certainly less ‘followers’ (I dislike that term greatly), because if a blogger isn’t around every minute of every day some readers get hungry and bored and impatient, as if you are their performing monkey…

But maybe I will stick around after all.

All 3 of you still here may now cheer if you wish.


November 25th
10:32 PM GMT

On my mind -

Some wonderful people whom I constantly wish I knew better but doubt I even cross their minds.

Made it through Act 1 (more than half the play) tonight without my script…not bad considering I was given the lines a week ago…I was pleased.

Love the 7-minute impromptu chilled tune I wrote and recorded earlier today. Might even think about sharing the finished product with you folks!

Just heard someone who has always struggled with foul language opt to use ‘flipping’ in place of the alternative, showing self-restraint…glad for them and definite progress.

Taking our class to the cinema tomorrow but I may still have to teach French…hmmm.

It’s been forever since I Skyped.

Oh yeah…almost Christmas….and my birthday - yay!

Today’s jumbled thoughts were brought to you by happiness, coffee, the impending week and a desire to ramble.


September 1st
2:16 PM GMT

Mulling over tattoo ideas.

I’m having a long, hard th[ink] about it.

August 15th
12:31 AM GMT

There is no room in this.

These four walls are dying to cross paths,

to come together in the middle

and leave me with no space at all for myself,

my guitar,

my paper and pen,

or even the thoughts lining my mind

that so daringly scrawl themselves out onto the aforementioned items.

Someone get me out of here so I can breathe something pristine in my lungs.

March 31st
11:33 AM GMT

The last 11 days?

It’s been busy,










spiritually necessary,

and conflicted

to name a few.

Here’s a few of the things that have occurred (to be continually updated to save me wasting 5 and a 1/2 months writing the post!):

  • I watched a fair bit of my ‘House’ boxset, and can now confirm it is my favourite show. Hugh Laurie is an exceptional lead, whom I can identify with in a number of ways, as I can with a lot of the characters. Not only that but the original musical score that underlies the scenes is phenomenal…no joke, it induces tears and goosebumps on regular occasions. In case you doubt my keenness, I spent 9 hours watching House last Saturday. I don’t regret it.
  • Some large steps have been taken in setting a direction for my future. God’s got it all in His hands, but the doorway I’m standing in is a very exciting one - watch this space and keep your prayers up! I appreciate them so much. :)
  • I’ve been doing a lot more writing (some of which I may share sometime!), and my second prose piece (if you haven’t heard it you can check it out here) should be up within the next few days!
  • I got my form back at football, so the problems I’d been having with my leg and ankle have now seemingly subsided. Praise God…I like to think I’ve been playing better than usual too; more goals, more assists, and I’m barely getting tired from sprinting all over the place. :)
  • I went go-karting Wednesday, followed by Frankie & Benny’s. Nothing monumental or spiritual happened, just thought I’d tell you about something cool that I did. :)
  • I’ve gone and got myself a Flickr account, so that I can share my photos and edits somewhere where a) they won’t risk being stolen or misused, and b) I can keep them all stored in one place without the need for digging through countless archives. It’s here if you’re interested. :)
  • Oh yeah….I shaved. Fear not, however, it’s well on its way back already. :)
October 9th
7:57 AM GMT

Reblog this if you want a LONG anonymous message saying what they think of you.

I’m intrigued by the thought of somebody doing this. I like having things to read :)