Shaun, 26, UK.

God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called!

Unashamedly in love with my Lord and Saviour.
Living life by loving others.

In a committed and wonderful long distance relationship with an inspiring California woman where our love of God and each other spans the 5,000 miles between us. :)

Passions and things that make this man include:
ministering to the young hearts of the world,
watching films,
submerging myself in the wonder of music both through listening and composition,
acting and theatre,
space and astronomy,
writing in many forms,
and exploring the beauty of the world around us.

If by this point you think we're on the verge of becoming new friends, feel free to inform me of this rather wonderful realisation...

Ask anything or drop in a prayer request too! I'd love to pray with/for you!
Be blessed. :D
August 15th
3:11 PM GMT

RPG: Random Post of Gladness

So i’m playing this RPG game,

because I completely adore RPG games,

the levelling up,

the journey you take with the characters as you raise them as your own,

the freedom of choice,

the combat systems,

the lush cinematics….

*ahem* i’m gushing…

where was I? Oh…I’m playing this game and i’m getting a little down in the dumps because it’s one of those RPG titles where you actually have more characters in your party than available slots for in-battle line-ups. To be a little more specific in this case, 4 characters to 3 slots. It makes me sad because i’m trying to develop all my characters pretty equally and don’t like leaving one out.

Then I realise that the main female protagonist has a pretty poor Light Special Attack (that’s right - they have different special moves in the light and in the shade…like I said; this game is freaking awesome). Her move consists of ranged healing powers. This would be useful if I didn’t already have a plentiful supply of healing vials, and she has yet to level up far enough to learn a Light Special with a focus on attack.

This leaves me feeling kinda bummed out because, well, she’s the main female in the storyline and isn’t repping as well as her male counterparts in the badmutha moves department.

Then I enter a cutscene and something happens. Guess who joins my party?

Another female!

Meet Viola - She has moves that are beyond awesome in every way, effect and animation alike, and that’s before you even get past their names:

Light: Sacred Strike

Dark: Bone Crumble

The icing on this beautiful Japanese-crafted cake?

Viola wields a bow and arrow.

Yeah, you heard me, fellow archery lovers.

I’d even bet money that she’d take Katniss to the cleaners.


I think I pee’d a little the first time I fought with her in the line-up.

I kid, before you hit that unfollow button.

My heart is a very warm and fuzzy place to be right now, folks.

I do love you so, Eternal Sonata, you lovely thing, you.


May 8th
11:44 PM GMT

A lot of my friends have already been to see the Avengers…

but I haven’t as of yet…and I’ve even had to scroll hastily past the picture and GIF reblogs on here, which is tough work seeing as you all show it so much love.


tomorrow I get to go see it at last…

and who better to go with than with my mum. :)

I love having a mother who’s a Marvel Maniac like me!

Love you Mum. :D

…PS, that’s not the announcement I was on about earlier. :P

January 11th
10:19 PM GMT

My ‘Agape Attire’ (Christian clothing company) shirt found its way here all the way from its home in Cali, and finally arrived today…and, as in true fashion with all the things I order,

for those long-standing viewers of this here scribbling space of mine,

it was waiting to greet me when I came in from work…i’ll say it again;

My mail packages are so considerate, surprising me like that.

Picture to follow, p’raps? :)